Of Names and Men

  • Nikos Kalampalikis GRePS Laboratory (EA 4163), Lyon 2 University
Keywords: history of social psychology, names, social representations, common sense, anonymity


This article, in memory of Jean-Claude Abric, constitutes an opportunity to develop two main

ideas. The first one has to do with the history of social psychology and points at the absence of

reference to this author in history chapters from French-langage textbooks in the field. The

second, drawing upon writings on game situations, states that the main virtue of the

representation-capable layman, which is never questioned in social psychology, is that of


Author Biography

Nikos Kalampalikis, GRePS Laboratory (EA 4163), Lyon 2 University

NIKOS KALAMPALIKIS: is a social psychology professor at the University of Lyon and the

director of the GRePS laboratory (EA 4163). He is a committee member of the world Network

Serge Moscovici (REMOSCO) with the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme. His

research focuses on social opinion from a symbolic, historic and anthropologic point of view. He

has recently edited two books with Serge Moscovici (Reason and Cultures, 2012: The Scandal of

Social Thought, 2013) and the latest work by Denise Jodelet (Social representation and lifeworlds,