Lauri on organ donation or how to teach the theory of social representations using a quality empirical study

  • Claudine Provencher London School of Economics and Political Science


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Author Biography

Claudine Provencher, London School of Economics and Political Science

After more than 15 years in the corporate sector, Dr Claudine Provencher undertook a PhD at the LSE under the supervision of Professor George Gaskell, which she completed in 2007. Her thesis examined the hypothesis of cognitive polyphasia in the context of the controversy that surrounded the MMR vaccine in the UK between 1998
and 2005. A key finding was the identification of a number of exemplars characteristic of different ways of sense making and of different ways of engaging into cognitive polyphasia. Since then, her research has moved on to the study of ageing but she remains keen to explore ways by which the theory of social representations can be used in the corporate sector, in particular in the area of corporate communication. After working as a teaching fellow in the Institute of Social Psychology at the LSE, she has
become an educational developer with the LSE Teaching and Learning Centre.