Discussion on a modest contribution to the understanding of social representation perspective

  • Alain Clemence Université de Lausanne


The object of the present discussion is based on a paper of a Swiss sociologist on a campaign for preventing cardiovascular diseases. Based on a Bourdieu perspective, the author compares the preventive discourse to the everyday behaviours and attitudes in the food and health domains. I show how this paper offers an excellent introduction to the main propositions of social representations theory. Furthermore, it appears as a pioneer work for facilitating the articulation between sociological and sociopsychologigal approaches of representative thinking, and a fruitful contribution to the critical analyses of the implicit representations of health carried by the medical prevention model.

Author Biography

Alain Clemence, Université de Lausanne

ALAIN CLÉMENCE is professor at the social sciences institue of Lausanne University. His teaching and research topics focus on different facets of social representations perspective. One facet follows the work conducted by Willem Doise on sociocognitive regulations in everyday thinking and practices, including studies on human rights, violence, and parenting styles. Another one deals with the transformation of expert theories in common sense and implies the development of a dynamic approach of social representing process.