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  • Ivana Marková University of Stirling


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Author Biography

Ivana Marková, University of Stirling

IVANA MARKOVÁ was born in Czechoslovakia but has lived since 1967 in the UK and now also in Paris. She is Professor Emeritus in Psychology, University of Stirling, and Visiting Professor in the Institute of Social Psychology, LSE. Current research includes the theory of social representations, dialogicality, trust and responsibility. She is a Fellow of the British Academy, of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and of the BPS. Her recent books include: Marková, I.: Dialogicality and Social Representations (2003/2005, CUP); Marková, I. (ed.): Trust and Democratic Transition in Post-Communist Europe (OUP, 2004); Moscovici, S. and Marková, I.: The Making of Modern Social Psychology (2006, Polity Press); Marková, I., Linell, P., Grossen, M. and Salazar Orvig, A.: Dialogue in Focus Groups (2007, Equinox); Marková, I. and Gillespie, A. (eds.): Trust and Distrust: Sociocultural Perspectives (2008, Information Age); Marková, I. and Gillespie, A. (eds.). Trust and Conflict: Representations, Culture, Dialogue (2011, Routledge).