Do 'Sacred Cows' Make an Academic Culture Bovine? A comment on Jovchelovitch

  • Ragini Sen Centre for Policy Research


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Author Biography

Ragini Sen, Centre for Policy Research

RAGINI SEN is affiliated with the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Mumbai and Logistics India. She is presently in the USA as a Fullbright Scholar in Residence and has been a visiting Fellow at Johannes Kepler University, Austria, University of Amiens, France and Maison des Science de l'homme, Paris. Dr. Sen's main areas of interest are social peace psychology and she has published her research on ethnic conflict, group processes, identity politics, secularism and fundamentalism in various international journals and is the author of 'We a Billion', Sage 2003. Dr. Sen is also one of the senior researchers in the area of socio-political analysis and has been a consultant on various political strategy related issues. She read psychology at the University of Delhi and earned her doctoral degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.