Ethics in the Theory of Social Representations

  • Ivana Marková University of Stirling, UK


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Author Biography

Ivana Marková, University of Stirling, UK

IVANA MARKOVA is Professor Emeritus in Psychology, University of Stirling, and Visiting Professor in the Institute of Social Psychology at the London School of Economics. Current research includes the theory of social representations, dialogicality, trust, responsibility, and the relation between common sense and other forms of knowledge. The latest books include: Dialogue in Focus Groups: Exploring Socially Shared knowledge (2007, with P. Linell, M. Grossen, A. Salazar-Orvig); Trust and Distrust: Sociocultural Perspectives (2008, co-edited with A. Gillespie); Trust and conflict: Representation, culture, dialogue (2012, co-edited with A. Gillespie); Dialogical Approaches to Trust in Communication (2013, co-edited with P. Linell).