Semiotics and Social Representation: A Figure-and-Ground Relationship of Mutual Cultivation

  • Ruggero Ruggieri University of Salerno
  • Alessia Rochira University ‘La Sapienza’ of Rome


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Author Biographies

Ruggero Ruggieri, University of Salerno

RUGGERO RUGGIERI is Assistant Professor of Dynamics Psychology (University of Salerno).

He has hold different positions at University of Salento including the post as lecturer in

Organization Psychology and Clinical Psychology. He is member of Psychology List and he is

also a Specialist in Human Resources & Organization Development. He earned a Ph’D in

Community Psychology and Training Education Models at University of Salento. His research

interests concern the models of functioning of the mind and derivatives applications in different

sectors according to cultural psychology and idiographic approach. Currently he is carrying out

researches on Passing of Baton of Family Business, Mind and Temporality, Decision Making and

Sense Making, Reflexivity and Methods of Psychology Intervention.

Alessia Rochira, University ‘La Sapienza’ of Rome

ALESSIA ROCHIRA is PhD in Community Psychology (University of Salento, Lecce – Italy)

and is currently enrolled in the “European Doctorate on Social Representations &

Communication” coordinating by the University ‘La Sapienza’ (Rome – Italy). Her research

interests cover social and community psychology. In particular, she has been focusing on the

study of justice, as a social and psychological issue, and on the investigation of the issue of

compliance with the law. Furthermore, she is interested in the field of the theory of social

representations in its strict interconnection with Culture Psychology. More recently, she has been

investigating the theme of inter-ethnic exchanges and intergroup dynamics in the

background of acculturation field of studies. Mailing address: University of Salento

Department of History, Society and Human Studies via Stampacchia 45 – 73100 Lecce,