Social Imagination and Social Representations:The Possibility of Dialogue between Castoriadis and Moscovici

  • Manuel R. Lousada Estácio – Recife, Brazil
Keywords: social imaginary, social representations, social psychology, dialogue


This manuscript’s objective is to establish a dialogue between Castoriadis’ concept of the social imaginary and Moscovici’s social representations. First, a brief synthesis of Castoriadis’ concept of the social imaginary and Moscovici’s concept of social representations will be presented in order to initiate a dialogue between these two schools of thought. The author’s reasoning is that it is a very promising intersection of two different but complementary approaches, which can be very fruitful in the field of social psychology.

Author Biography

Manuel R. Lousada, Estácio – Recife, Brazil

MANUEL RODRIGUEZ LOSADA. B.Sc in Philosophy, Theology (Spain) and Psychology (Brazil). B.Sc in Psychology from Gama Filho University and M.Sc and PhD from Pontifícia Universidade Católica(RJ). His PhD was awarded for a thesis on the Radical Imaginary of Cornelius Castoriadis. Since 1964 he has been living in Brazil, where he has developed his professional career. He lectured Psychology at Gama Filho University. He was the Co-ordinator of the Social Practices Laboratory and of the Applied Psychology Services of Estacio de Sá University-Niteroi Campus. He has also been the Co-ordinator of the Psychology course at Estacio de Sá-Rebouças Campus. Currently he is the Co-ordinator for the Applied Psychology Services of Estácio-Fir University in Recife. Areas of research interests: social imaginary and social representations.