Activation des Schemes Cognitifs de Base et Actualisation des Valeurs Associées au Travail

  • Eduardo Márquez Université de Paris 8
  • Édouard Friemel Université de Paris 8


This article reports on an attempt to explore the dynamics of three groups representations of a triplet of social objects: “work, “employment” and „workless”. We consider the relation between Social and individual values of work and the activation of Social Representations taken as independent variable. We show that actualization of representations of “work”, “employment” and “workless” guide the choice of oriented-values at work in three different groups of students. They prefer, in a rational spontaneous mood, some values than others. To activate and delimitate the “contours” of social representations, we use the experimental model of Cognitive Bases Schemes (SCB). We also show that this model is predictive of social values at work crystallized in a questionnaire specially constructed for this research.

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